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News! (Writing 19th of February 2017)

The E-zine A River Of Milk  turned into a blog, sharing (translated) poetry
from an outspoken feminine perspective at least every second week,
with i.a. recent translations from the Dutch poetesses Vicky Francken and Mieke van Zonneveld.

Click here to visit the blog.

Issue 1 - SYLVIA - read here

Call for Submissions

The following issue will be published by the end of autumn/beginning winter this year 2016. Subject will be ‘Voice of the earth’, reviewing motherhood poetically on a more global level. 

Please e-mail your submission before the 23rd of November to laurademelzabosma @ gmail.com in the e-mail-body with a short biography and a picture attached.

I am open to receive, in Dutch, German or English:

- Up to five poems relating to the subject ‘Voice of the earth’
- A short story relating to the subject
- Artwork relating to the subject
- Up to five poems relating to the season autumn/almost winter
- A short story relating to the season
- Artwork related to the season

- And, at any time, birth-stories/ quotes

I would be especially delighted by:

- Poets who send in both poetry and (their own?) artwork.
- Poems with a language and imagery that somehow challenge and demand, but that with investing attention, gain depth and give more energy back than the actual reading itself costed. 

Dutch poets can choose to either send in their Dutch poems along with (their own?) English translation or let the poems be translated by the editor. German poems and birth-stories can also be submitted and in case needed, be translated by the editor too.

Though the magazine for sure will be dominated by women, men are allowed to submit, if only fitting the requested subject.


‘A River Of Milk’ at the moment is a free e-zine made with 100 % passion and zero money.  Sometime in the future though, I would like to be able to pay the participating writers.  Why?  This e-zine is a unique platform where the voices of established writers mix with other female voices, for example Doula’s (birth-helpers) and women writing down their birth-experiences.  This way women who did not come in touch with poetry much yet, can take their first deep dive here and some poets at the same time can sense what motherhood could possibly be like, or use their voice in a way that is somehow guiding, ‘mothering’ from an idea, thought, feeling or attitude.  More than wanting to teach something though, ‘A River Of Milk’ is an experience.

The e-zine makes use of modern technologies by being a modern form of magazine, only available on the internet, but is at the same time an alternative to superficial media.  Courageously we present our inside.  With a single click readers find taboo-free, undiscovered landscapes.

Are you, after reading this issue, already willing to sponsor ‘A River Of Milk’?  You can contact me at laurademelzabosma @ gmail.com. Maybe you’ve got something to offer that could be advertised in ‘A River Of Milk’ and/or we can talk/think about another possible exchange, like an original or printed poster from one of the magazine’s artworks or a certain amount of printed copies.