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The Call Of the Ink Bird - 2017
poetry and illustrations by Laura Demelza Bosma 

Do you feel like you’re in a world that constricts your thoughts, shackles your creativity and controls the image of who you should be? Can you sense the deep need to become your wonderful authentic-self? This collection of poems sensually celebrates the call of our heart-self in ways that compel the reader to live a life of fullness.

This free-verse poems shine a light on the being of a highly sensitive woman with life experience. Switching with a natural ease between the dark depth of night and the light-heartedness of morning-birdsong, all states of being are allowed and embraced in the rainbow-woman who meditates underneath a tree.

Whatever state you are in, by reading Call of the Ink Bird, you will find a poem that goes with the vibe of your moment and makes you feel connected with the natural world ánd your own inner poet.

Kindle-versions on Dutch, German and American Amazon available. 

Part of the profit goes to Treesisters, an organisation for feminine empowerment end reforestation. 

Taoist Poetry - 2016
Words - Heath R. Thompson
Art - Laura Demelza Bosma

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Inspired by the ancient wisdom of the Taoist tradition and wandering the rugged, majestic landscape of alpine mountains, Thompson creates a wonderful sense of place through a deeply sensitive spiritual voice that celebrates simplicity, gentleness and the natural grace inherent within us all; that of the Sage. His poems touch on a range of human experiences; of joy, sadness, love, enlightenment and delusion. Through the lens of modern day living he helps us to recognise an undisturbed Presence whose quiet light draws no attention to itself but is always available to us. His words speak of a deeper understanding, of Self-Realisation, whose poems are reminiscent of the voice of ancient Taoist and Zen Masters, who inspired us to enquire within at the Truth of what we are. His voice though is a gentle one: Sit with me under this sweet-chestnut tree in its wild silence no one has to say a thing. The reader may also be delighted to discover the unassuming artwork of Laura Demelza Bosma, whose drawings bring a warmth and sensitivity as they work in harmony with the poems here.

Dichtbundel - 2007  'Zo vliegen de walvissen'
hier te verkrijgen.

'Laura Demelza schrijft gedichten als neervlijmende guillotines. Zelden schreef zo'n jong talent zulke trefzekere, illusieloze gedichten vol sprookjesachtige beklemming en verontrustende ontboezemingen. Inktzwart en hagelwit bloeien tegen elkaar in; de verschrikking herbergt evenveel schoonheid als de schoonheid verschrikking. Met Zo vliegen de walvissen wordt een van de grootste beloftes van dit jaar ingelost.'
Ingmar Heytze

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